Our 2021- 2025 strategic planning


In May 2021, after a participatory reflection process carried out during the year 2020, Human Dignity General Assembly adopted its new strategy for five years. 

Access our plan here.

Our vision and mission

Human Dignity has adopted a revised vision and mission as follows:  

Our vision is of a world in which everyone lives in dignity. Water and sanitation, food, health, work, education, housing, culture and environment are recognised as rights and enjoyed – in full - by all. 

Our mission is to strive for the respect, protection and realisation of all economic, social and cultural rights for all. We seek to empower and contribute to transforming the lives of people and communities through the realisation of their human rights.

Strategic priorities for 2021 – 2025: the rights to water and health

The human rights to water and health are far from being effective in Sub-Saharan Africa:

  • Water resources are threatened by private actors and climate change
  • Health services and infrastructures are weak and still inaccessible for many, especially during crises

Our new strategy intends to respond to these present-day challenges identified by our General Assembly.

The new strategy is articulated around five strategic goals in particular in the priorities' areas identified by the organisation:  

  • Monitoring and assessing the realisation of ESCR at national levels
  • Building the capacity of a cross-section of actors on the realisation of ESCR
  • Building political will to foster the implementation of ESCR by strategically advocating for their realisation at the national, regional and international levels
  • Raising awareness on ESCR in partnership with national CSO networks to empower people so they can hold States accountable
  • Strengthening regional and international human rights mechanisms' work on ESCR