Senegal : Report on the implementation of the rights to health, water and sanitation

Publication of a joint report

Dakar, Paris, November 30, 2021

Human Dignity, SIDH Senegal, CRADESC, and POSCEAS today publish a report on economic and social rights in Senegal. Its objective is to assess the implementation of certain recommendations adopted by the Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights in 2019 for the attention of Senegal.

The report focuses on the rights to health and sanitation. Although the right to water was not the subject of specific recommendations by the United Nations Committee in 2019, our organisations have deemed it useful to include information on this subject given the obstacles faced by the populations to enjoy quality drinking water. This choice is also in line with the perspective of the 9th World Water Forum which will take place in Senegal from March 21 to 26, 2022.

Download the report HERE

Contacts in Senegal

  • Mrs. Mame Tacko DIALLO Gaye, POSCEAS Coordinator, + 221 77 533 22 96
  • Mr. Mamadou Sellou Diallo, SIDH Senegal, + 221 76 603 82 31
  • Dr. Fatima Diallo, Executive Director of CRADESC, + 221 775014863
  • Mrs. Karina Ivanova, Human Dignity, + 265 994 92 18 67